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Monday, 3 July 2017

Moth night morning.

Had a wander on to Cromwell Bottom on Sunday morning to check last night's catch and had an interesting couple of hours sorting through moths with Bruce, Barry and others. All credit to the wildlife group for creating such a family friendly reserve. The highlight for me however was this leaf mine on Birdsfoot Trefoil in Tag Meadow of Trifucula cryptella - I can only find around four Yorkshire records for this species, of course there may be others.

Also on Birdsfoot Trefoil was this striking Coleophora mayrella (below) catching a bit of sun.


Bruce said...

Good pictures Charlie. Nice to see you.

AndyC said...

Its a Nationally Scarce A ...a brilliant record for the reserve..well done Charlie

charlie streets said...

I didn't feel it was a likely mine to search for so I've never bothered, just lucky to come across them.

RE: Moth nights/mornings, It would be a great asset to the event, to the wildlife group as a whole and to the public to have a copy of Waring's MACRO moth field guide, the concise edition would be great. It's pretty frustrating to non-regulars such as myself trying to ID a lot of the moths. So if anyone has a secondhand copy or the CBWG are feeling a little flush.................