Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Registered Charity Number 1176233


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the 1st Annual General Meeting of Cromwell Bottom Wildlife Group will be held at the Mulberry Suite, Brighouse Sixth Form College,  Mulberry Suite, 6th Form College, off Parsonage Lane, Brighouse, HD6 IFG at 7.30pm on Wednesday 25th April 2018 to transact the following business (CLICK for full  information)

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Family Walk to look for amphibians

Walk. Saturday 14th April 10:30-15:30 Amphibians at Cromwell Bottom. Meet at Cromwell Bottom car park. HD6 2RG. Dog and family friendly walk, accessible for all. Approx. 3 miles.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

This picture of a Blackcap was taken at the bird feeding area by Mick

It was nice to see at the feeders

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

                      WE NEED ALL THE HELP WE CAN GET

Hi All

We are picking up 1000 Haw/blackthorn plants on Wednesday and we need help to plant them 
we will be meeting at 9.30 every Thursday and also on Saturday the 14th of April, if you could spare an hour or two that would be great.

This latest planting will complete the hedge on North Loop and mark the end of one of our largest projects in the last few years.


Thursday, 22 March 2018

Thank You

  I'd just like to say a Big Thank You to all the hard working
  volunteers at Cromwell Bottom, I love walking down by the
  riverside looking for Kingfishers and Dippers but I always
  did it with some trepidation as I was always looking at the floor
  in case I slipped or stood in a puddle of mud, but now its a pleasure
  to walk on there and you can now get nearer to the river without
  being attacked with nettles and brambles.
  Fantastic job you should all be proud of yourselves.
  Well Done.

    Birds seen today were Blue & Great Tit, LTT,  Bullfinch, Blackbird, Robin,
    2 Buzzard, Cormorant, Goosander, Dipper, Mallard, Wren, Heron, Magpie,
    Jay, Nuthatch, Reed Bunting and Kestrel.

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Steps and Bird Hide

Jen and David built steps to our new hide. Meanwhile,

Dave, Alistair and Graham completed our new hide in very blustery conditions.

More Images HERE

May we point out that the hide is not available to the public at the moment.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

New Bird Box

We recently installed a new bird box. We have around 50 replacements to fit within the next few weeks.

More images HERE

Saturday, 3 March 2018

The Beast from the East....

It has been a challenging time for wildlife in the weather we've been having - and a challenging time for the hardy volunteers on the bird feeding rota too! So, a big thank you to all the regular feeders. We've hardly missed a day I think.
Thank you also to the many visitors who arrive with seed, mealworms, peanuts etc to add to the menu. Your efforts are really appreciated and we hope you enjoy the reward of a good view of the bird life around the feeding areas at the cabins and in the reserve. The robins are now forming a queue on the shelf as we arrive!

Friday, 23 February 2018

Top time at Cromwell Bottom

It's been very nice spending half-term week with my family and a fair chunk of that has been spent at CBNR.  It's been cold and the light has been changeable but I managed to get some nice shots this week.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Nice Day Out On The Reserve

     A Good day out on the reserve yesterday, plenty of
     people and plenty of Bird life, bumped into Dave L
     while I was there and its always a pleasure talking
     to Dave and deserves a lot of credit for all the work
     he does for the group.

     Blue, Great, Coal and Long Tailed Tits, Bullfinch,
     Reed Buntings, Robin, Dunnock, Jay, Grey Heron,
     Goosander, Teal, Mallard, Nuthatch, Goldfinch,
     Wren, 2 Buzzard overhead also Mute Swan on canal.


Monday, 19 February 2018


Bums on Seats at the Bottom.......

Here’s some unexpected good news – your votes really did make a difference!
the AVIVA Community Fund got back in touch as one of the winning projects wasn’t able to go ahead. So….. We got our grant after all! Huge thanks to you all, and thanks to AVIVA too.
We are now in the process of finding a supplier for the benches and deciding exactly where to put them.
The committee has some ideas for where they think the benches would be sited, but we’d like to hear your views on this too.
  • Do you have a favourite spot to linger in?
  • Is there a place where you like to stop for a breather?
  • Do your knees need a rest somewhere along your walk?
There will probably be three benches. We can't promise they will go exactly in your preferred places for reasons of practicality and safety, but your ideas will help us make the final decisions. 

You can get in touch via this blog - leave a comment below, or email or leave a comment on our Facebook page. Also, if you are a Sunday cabin visitor talk to one of the team there and leave your comments.

Many thanks!

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Recent Birds this week at the Bird Viewing Area.

                                                           Long Tailed Tits


                                                             Bullfinches (m)

                                                                   Blue Tits

                                                                  Chaffinch (F)

Saturday, 10 February 2018

At the Viewing Area

A few images from yesterday afternoon.  A dozen or so bullfinch, great tit and blue tit along with long-tailed tit, chaffinch and robin were around for most of the time.  A jay put in a very quick visit, too.

Great Tit

Blue Tit



Ric Jackson

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Otter Cub rescued

I don't know a lot about this, but it seems a young Otter were picked up along the Calder in Hebden Bridge a few days ago. It has been taken to an otter sanctuary, with intentions expressed to release it in Calderdale eventually

See Calderbirds.blogspot. (picture)

Originally it was posted by Matt Bell that two cubs had been rescued but it turns out this was due to a misunderstanding on Facebook.

Sunday, 21 January 2018

I couldn't resist posting this one from today.  We took food to the viewing area and filled up the stumps and some of the feeders.  Lots of feathered friends today on account of the weather.

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Thank you to the Colliers.....

   ...... for rescuing our meeting! We were very grateful to you and your regulars for welcoming us and enabling us to hold our committee meeting in the bar after the power supply failed at our cabin.

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Recent shots from CBNR and a visitor to my garden

Some recent shots from the Viewing Area.  It's been mightily cold there recently.

It was a surprise to see this goldcrest in my garden.  The light was terrible and I had to bump up the ISO but I still think it's a worthy of a post.

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

A couple of photos from yesterday morning.

Was nice to see the Bank Vole and, although heavy cropped, good to get a few shots